To create timeless images that capture those random magic moments

WildByron Studios

With over 30 years experience David & Maria specialize in capturing those random magic moments that happen only in your dreams and glossy magazines.

We’re creative story-tellers in pictures... we want to tell the story of your magic day. We like to capture it all chronologically so that when you view the photographs again later they will be in sequence.

Weddings are wonderful to shoot because it’s the one day when people do their best to be impeccable. We are passersby in your life on that special day but we want those memories to stay with you forever.

These days that means looking great and having fun as well as sealing commitments to each other. Coming from a photojournalist’s perspective means not “over-intruding” and allowing space for real magic moments to occur. This is very important to us because it means the photographs carry their own honesty and integrity.

Fun & Relaxed

"We had a really fun and relaxed time with David taking our photos. He was flexible with the time and place of the shoot, and we were very happy with the price".
Luke and Adela Thomas

Captured Moments

"David's photography at our wedding felt authentic and spontaneous. He was relaxed, personal and professional. He captured many moments so beautifully and the emotions they evoke when I look back through them are an ongoing gift".
Amanda Davis

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David & Maria