Skydive Byron Bay
Get a birds-eye view and experience the magic of Byron Bay from 14,000ft!

Skydive Byron Bay

Enjoy the sensation of freefalling with a scenic tandem skydive over Byron Bay, an area surrounded with lush rainforest, mountains and golden beaches – the perfect scenic environments to skydive over! Operating for over 20 years this reputable skydive team boasts a 100% safety record so that you KNOW that you are in safe hands!

Enjoy the moment and the views before you plummet at over 150kph towards the beautiful coastline of Byron Bay. Even if you aren’t jumping there is plenty to keep you entertained in the hangar and you can even stand and watch near the drop zone to see your buddies coming in to land to share in the pure exhilaration that will be evident by the look of sheer excitement on their face!


See Australia's most spectacular views
Freefall for 60 seconds from 14,000ft
Australia's highest tandem jump
Plummet at over 150kph
Views of the lush rainforest, mountains and golden beaches

This Byron Bay tandem skydive is a truly breathtaking experience – one to tick off the ol’ bucket list that’s for sure!

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