An unforgettable experience your team will love

Sandology Corporate Team Building Sand Sculptures

Sandology is one of Australia’s longest-running professional sand sculpture companies. Formed in 1998 by master sand sculptor Steve Machell.

There is a certain wonder in seeing life breathed into just sand and water.

It is a real performance art , crowds delight in watching a sand sculpture being made. Ephemeral in nature, it brings joy and makes one appreciate the moment. All the time screaming photo opportunity.

On or off the beach, sand sculptures make a great addition to all types of events and corporate functions.

Team Building Sand Sculptures
Your team will be amazed by a masterpiece sculpture created by one of Australia’s leading sand sculptors. You will learn the simple techniques required to build amazing sand sculptures by Steve Machell. 

You will get into your team to create a masterpiece, this can be a competition or just for fun. Steve and the team will offer tips and support to keep you excited throughout the event. 

This will surely be an unforgettable experience your team will love and they will have skills that can be used for a lifetime to amaze your kids and friends. This is a great stand alone event, finale to a beach olympics or a fun break from long conference sessions. You can incorporate your company logo or conference theme. Great event for groups of any size.

Sand Sculpture Installations
Add some flair to your next corporate event with an amazing sand sculpture.