The Channon

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The Channon is another of those tiny places that swells beyond all expectations for the local craft and produce market. On the second Sunday of each month, The Channon Market are one of the more popular roving markets, which also graces Byron Bay (1st Sunday) and Bangalow (4th Sunday). Whether you're after fresh organic produce, unusual and exotic flavours, original craft or just a caffeine hit, you'll find it here. Perhaps you'd like a neck or foot massage, a tarot reading, or an astrological chart? Or surprise yourself with amazingly good value jewellery, clothing and footwear.

A quiet backwater, The Channon nevertheless has tea-rooms, shops, galleries and a tavern. After your fill of local fare, this is a good place from which to explore the Nightcap National Park, particularly Terania Creek and Protestors Falls, so named because it was saved from logging by protestors. Swimming is not permitted here, as the forest is home to the endangered Fleay's barred frog. Sunscreens and insect repellents, often worn by visitors, will also pollute the pristine waters.

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