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Ocean Shores

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From Pat Boone to Alan Bond, Ocean Shores has seen them come and go. A new development to the north of Brunswick Heads that has grown into a close and well-serviced community, Ocean Shores is a mixture of retirees enjoying the sun and quiet lifestyle and young families looking for a great place to raise their kids. It's now a fast-growing community, riding somewhat on the back of Byron Bay's fame, but at the same time developing its own ambience.

While there's not a huge choice of accommodation here, Ocean Shores has a long, open ocean beach and a world-class golf course. It has eleven flora and fauna reserves and is a bird-watcher's paradise. It's a bat-watcher's paradise too, as thousands of flying foxes (fruit bats) fly out each evening from their roosts in the nearby forests in search of food.

The lookout overlooking the town, the hinterland and the coast is a lovely place to survey the scene, have a picnic and get your bearings. Cape Byron in the distance to the south is the Australian mainland's most easterly point, while Mt Warning to the north-west is the area's highest point. Mt Warning is the remains of the magma plug of an ancient volcano, and is at the centre of the southern hemisphere's largest erosion caldera, or volcanic depression. The caldera, the remnants of which form the Border Ranges, Cape Byron and Julian Rocks, is over one thousand metres deep and forty kilometres in diameter, bigger than the famous Ngorongoro crater in Tanzania.

There's a shopping centre in town catering to most needs, with a supermarket, liquor store, gift shops, pharmacy, medical centre and tavern.

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