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Lennox Head is situated at the northern end of Ballina Shire, on the way to Byron Bay. Over recent years it has developed from a quiet coastal village into a sophisticated town offering a wide array of accommodation types, restaurants, cafés and shops. The beach runs parallel to the main street, with direct access at several points, and that classic Aussie icon, the surf club, stands sentinel on the beach at the northern end of town. Lennox is famous for its right hand point break, and hosts several surfing competitions through the year, including the All Girl Surf Showdown in June, the Gromfest (juniors) in July and the biennial Lennox Masters Surf Classic.

Accommodation ranges from resorts, motels and guesthouses to the caravan park at the edge of Lake Ainsworth. The lake is fed by the tea-tree swamp behind the dunes, and is tea-coloured as a result. Although the water is reputed to have therapeutic qualities, in some years it is unswimmable due to algae. It nevertheless offers a picturesque picnic and recreation area. Generations of Aussie kids have been taught to swim and sail here and Lennox still retains something of that beachy, fibro, sun-bleached image.

Lennox is at the southern end of Seven Mile Beach, a beautiful curve running up to Broken Head in the north. Just south of the town on Lennox Head itself is the Pat Morton lookout, from where hang-gliders take off and fly over the town and the beach. There is excellent snorkelling in the 'moat' at the southern end of the beach.

There is a wide variety of accommodation in Lennox Head. For further information visit the www.lennox-head.net web site.

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