Observe Platypus in their natural habitat

Platypus Walk

On this tour we go for a walk along a creek where the playful platypus live. Platypus can been seen at anytime of the day, but our best chance is just after dawn. 

We pick you up from your Byron Bay accommodation, drive to the special Platypus area, and start our 1.5 hour (easy) walk. On our walk we will along the platypus creek looking for platypus, we usually see 1-2 platypus, plus loads of birds and sometimes even koala. 

After our walk we will have a nice picnic breakfast then return to Byron Bay. We can't guarantee platypus sightings on this tour, but if we don't see them, we take you to our plan b site on another day, for free.


  • Breakfast, locally sourced picnic breakfast
  • Transport
  • Experienced guide
Adults $145
Conc (ISIC/pens) $135
Child (10-17yo) $110
Family (2Ads/2kids) $440