Oil & Herb

Oil&Herb is an artisanal salt and spice company based out of Mullumbimby, Australia created by Nathan Gatt and Madeline Schmidt.

Nathan is a classically trained chef, with years of both culinary experience and travel under his belt. Nathan studied his trade in London, and has since traveled to some of the most popular gastronomic capitols of the world including Morocco, Spain, France and India.

Madeline has been an artist and craft enthusiast from a very young age and has therefore studied art all the way through to a university level. Her skills range from ceramics, painting and printmaking, to encaustics, papermaking and carving. Truly passionate about art, she likes to experiment with new forms of creativity constantly.

Together, Nathan and Madeline’s skill set have allowed them to create a sustainable, hand crafted, artisanal product that combines and reflects their shared passions for craft food.

All Oil&Herb products are organic, vegan friendly, Ayurvedic, gluten and preservative free.

We fully embrace the idea of hand crafting our products to create something beautifully unique and personal for our customers, and we hope you can appreciate our approach to sustainable artisanal work.

Our passion for good food is reflected in every jar of Oil&Herb, and we hope that our salt and spice blends will make both home cooking as well as healthy eating easy, affordable and flavourful for all.

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