Miss Margarita

Miss Margarita, Byron’s colourful Mexican cantina opened in December 2012 and is proudly unique to Byron Bay. Locals Emma and Greg Thomson’s vision for a friendly place which incorporated the vibrancy and flair of Mexico with the beauty and freshness of Byron has been realised.

Local artists Jai Vasicek and Mon Manabu worked their magic to transform an uninspiring space into a vibrant and happy interior which is worthy of a visit even without an appetite! It is a place that welcomes and values locals and visitors with equal enthusiasm. In fact the team at Miss Margarita are never happy unless every customer leaves with a huge smile, a full tummy and great memories!

The colourful, freshly prepared food comes in generous servings. It is not complicated or gourmet. It is just really fresh, really tasty and really moreish! Miss Margarita also loves to make cocktails which hit the spot, the type when one is never enough. The Mexican Bullfighter is full of charge but it is the Margaritas that can never be ignored. The blend of freshly squeezed lime juice, homemade flavoured sugar syrups and top shelf 100% agave tequila creates something, that somehow always makes you smile.

Miss Margarita would love to meet you!

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