How milk tastes now.


“original”, “unsweetened” or “latte da”

macadamia nut - milk’s newest sibling rivalry

equally delicious

equally loved

both 100% milkadamia approved



Milkadamia. Original, just like you are. Treat yourself to a glass of milkadamia and enjoy how milk tastes now.







Are you sweet enough? Great news - we have just the thing for you! Our unsweetened milkadamia has the delicious, milky taste you love without any added sugar.





latte da

Macadamia, milkadamia. A subtle play on words. We wanted the milk in our coffee to be subtle and creamy so the coffee notes can really sing. Get your latte artist on with this crema of the crop. It's how moo-free coffee tastes now.

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