A range of wellness meal plans, delivered direct to your holiday accommodation.

The Mastication Co

The Mastication Co. believes that everybody is capable of a life full of joy, gratitude, and good health. We focus on removing the overwhelm by providing a complete dietary solution.

In a market heavily saturated with food fads and nutrition hype, we understand the confusion when aiming to find an eating style that fits best... not to mention the cost of sourcing the ingredients, finding recipes with nutritious content and finding the time to prepare meals, within an already busy holiday schedule.

6-day Wholefood Maintenance, $380.00

If you love eating balanced healthy meals with loads of variety and made with nutritionally dense ingredients, then this plan is for you!

3-day Maintenance Cleanse, $330.00

A nutrient dense plant based eating & lifestyle plan for general wellbeing, seasonal maintenance, or the perfect kickstarter option if you're new to cleanses. 

6-day Vibrancy Cleanse, $660.00

A nutrient dense, plant based eating & lifestyle plan which promotes vitality, liver function, hormone balancing, and hair, nails & skin strength - with the added bonus of weight loss. 

9-day Energy Reset Cleanse, $990.00

A nutrient dense, plant based eating & lifestyle plan which supports a combination of high and low impact exercise days. Aimed to remove brain fog and recommended for clients with an existing active lifestyle.

12-day Reprogramming Cleanse, $1,320.00

A nutrient dense, plant based eating & lifestyle plan tailored towards ultimate health & wellness outcomes. Focused on strengthening liver function and perfect for supporting recovery from illness.


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Currently available for delivery within the Northern Rivers Region, NSW and the Gold Coast, Qld.

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