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Uki is a wonderful little village located less than a half an hour drive from Byron. This is an incredibly scenic drive. The Uki Markets, known as the Uki Buttery Bazaar Market, take place on the third Sunday each month, opening at about 9am and continuing into the early afternoon. People journey from throughout the region to come to these unique markets in the quirky little town.

The scenery around Uki is worth the trip itself. Green hills, trees, and farmland will surround you. There is a myriad of foodie stands and coffee stalls at the markets that can be enjoyed beneath the big trees and by the riverside.

The Uki Markets or the Uki Buttery Bazaar Market as it's now known has been going for about thirty years, and each market still features live entertainment from local talent. Be sure to catch the famous hillbilly band, ‘Perch Creek Jug Band’, who are well-loved regulars.

The market stands offer a huge variety of goods including plants, gifts, clothing, books, and jewellery. You’ll find products made in the local area, and others that have been imported. There are also stands that have heaps of vintage and antique items to dig through with the hope of finding a bargain.

In the same location as the market, on every Saturday morning is the Uki Farmers Market, where locals pick up some of the best fresh produce the region has to offer.

The Uki Buttery Bazaar Market is a great way to start exploring Uki. From the Markets, you can walk around the small town, enjoy a coffee, and soak up the glorious surroundings.

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