Lismore Carboot Market @ Lismore Shopping Square - Lismore

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The Lismore Carboot Markets are one of the most unique and exciting markets on the Far North Coast. The Markets are located undercover in the parking lot of Lismore Shopping Square in Lismore, which is about a 45-minute drive south west of Byron Bay. Because the markets are undercover, they are a great way to spend a rainy day. The market takes place on the first and third Sundays of each month, except the third Sunday of December.

The Carboot Market, also known as “the Booty”, began in 1988 and has evolved from then into a unique and diverse market that can be enjoyed by everyone. People come from all over the region for a day out at the Lismore Carbook Market.

The markets features over 200 market stalls and over 30 garage sales put on by locals. You will find an array of fresh produce: fruit and vegetables, baked goods, and delicious hot food.

Other stalls sell clothing, both locally made and imported, as well as jewellery, books, and candles.

One of the best things to look at and purchase at the Lismore Carboot Markets is the antiques and collectables. There are many regular antique dealers and collecters who come to the Market each time. Come early to find a bargain!

The kids won’t get bored either. There are face painting, toys, and slot cars for them to enjoy.

Afterward you have seen all there is to see at the Carboot Market, you can explore the town of Lismore, and enjoy some of the great food and coffee it has to offer.

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