Brunswick Heads Markets @ Memorial Park - Brunswick Heads

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The Brunswick Heads Markets are held on the first Saturday of every month. Brunswick Heads is a charming beachside town located 15 minutes north of Byron Bay. The whole town has a classic family holiday feel, as it is a great spot for fishing, picnics, swimming in the river, and eating fish and chips. The pristine Brunswick River makes for an incredibly scenic backdrop to the many cafes, restaurants, playgrounds, and shops, and, of course, to the markets.

From about 7am, the Brunswick markets, located in Memorial Park, come alive with the many artisan stalls, which provide clothing, plants, food, candles, soaps, coffee, and more. The products found at the Brunswick Heads Markets are a mix of locally made and imported goods. The delicious hot food is not to be missed. You can also pick up a few fresh groceries.

Many locals also hold garage sales on market day too, so there are many bargains to be found. Parking is available free of charge throughout the town, which is at easy walking distance from the markets.

After exploring the various market stalls, Brunswick town and beach offer activities for the remainder of the day. The town offers unique shops, and eclectic cafes that give Brunswick Heads a character of it own. Across the river, over the footbridge, is Brunswick beach and Torikina beach. There are also two playgrounds and grassy areas, which are great places to enjoy an ice cream.

The Brunswick Heads markets are a perfect excuse to spend the day exploring the town and the picturesque river and beaches. 

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