Food is my underlying zest for life.

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My Food Philosophy

I’m here to celebrate plants and wholefoods. There are endless possibilities in the culinary plant kingdom, and it is a part of who I am to push the boundaries and explore every avenue of this space. 

My passion lies in organic, pesticide free or biodynamic produce from local farmers, or when I’m cooking for my friends and family, straight from my backyard veggie patch. I am devoted to using ingredients with no added preservatives, additives or colours.

I have a true passion for catering to the needs of people that have food intolerances or allergies and create delicious food that is mostly gluten, dairy, refined sugar and soy free.

Family. Connection. Love. Nourishment. Magic and Creative Freedom.

These are the “Why’s” for my love of food.

Food is my underlying zest for life, the love of it running through my veins and manifesting in a deep desire to share my culinary magic with the world.

I thrive in the kitchen creating wildly experimental dishes, celebrating plants and wholefoods as a source of love, inspiration and nourishment.

I can’t wait to share the magic with you xx

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