Gutsy are great tasting, healthy drinks.


Our goal for Gutsy Probiotic Drink Sachets was to get sugar out of people's diets and put prebiotics and probiotics back in. Our gut is the epicentre of our health so we need to feed it the right things for our physical and mental well being.

We are passionate about the environment so we looked at ways to get all the goodies into a teeny tiny package without the need for single use plastic bottles, which are incredibly bad for our environment.

Gutsy Probiotic Drink Sachets were born.

Gutsy Probiotic Drink Sachets allow you to have a guilt free drink on the go, while boosting your gut health for wellbeing.


It takes guts to make a change. Join Gutsy Life on their quest to end single use plastic bottles. There are enough on the planet already.

In order to make a change, all you need to do is stop spending your hard earned dollars on a product that is readily available for free - WATER.

Live Life Gutsy.

Make the change.

Buy a reusable drink bottle, or pull one out of the cupboard and use it.