Sustainable, delicious, and unbelievably healthy. Get ready to be powered by crickets!


Grilo means “cricket” in Portuguese. According to the dictionary, a cricket is a brown or black insect that makes short, loud noises by rubbing its wings together.

For us it means much more than that.

We believe crickets are the food of the future.

We all moved to Byron Bay looking for a healthy and balanced lifestyle, in a place where we could fulfill our passions about healthy foods, sports and nature.

Our love for exercising triggered the search for a clean, high protein source to boost everyday meals and smoothies after surfing, running and training. Disappointed with the social and environmental impact caused by most of the protein sources available on the market, we thought it was time to look for alternatives.

After a long journey we found out about edible bugs. And that 80% of the world’s nations is already eating them.

We couldn’t keep the secret to ourselves though. We joined forces, used our cuisine, marketing and creative talents to put together a range of unique products. We are on a mission to help convincing you and the entire world to start eating bugs!

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