Wildskin @ Lismore City Hall

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WHAT: NORPA presents Wildskin

WHEN: Thursday 27 – Saturday 29 September & Wednesday 3 – Saturday 6 October, 2018, 7.30pm

WHERE: Lismore City Hall

COST: $20 - 49


Darkness exists in the underbelly of every community, and in characters we may have met – a darkness that dwells within us all.

Wildskin acknowledges that most of us harbour secret longings for the wild; to escape into nature as a way of finding our true selves, to act upon our craziest impulses and secret desires in order to feel truly alive, to break out of the rut of the everyday in search of adventure. To let oneself go wild is to take a journey into the unknown — far away into the world, and deep into the soul.

With an all female cast, Wildskin is a celebration of wildness by a bevy of seductively dark clowns through joyous explosions of song and dance — because to be wild at heart is to re-connect to the lost child that was so full of play and wonder.

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