Raising Humanity – Book Launch presented by Erfan Daliri @ Byron Community Centre

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What if we saw the social justice issues of climate change, economic injustice, gender inequality and violence not as isolated problems but instead as interconnected symptoms? And how is this all pointing us towards the inevitable unification of humanity?

This is the underlying premise of Raising Humanity and the speaking tour will be a series of free events in every capital city where we get to unpack some of the themes with spoken word, Q&As and guest speakers and musicians in each city.

The purpose of the book and the free speaking tour is to address the question of how do we create the most positive change in the world and how can we all become agents of social change?

I would love to see you all there! Bring your friends, bring your family, bring anyone you care about… This is about more than just effective activism, it’s about the power of youth, parenting, personal growth and addressing the root causes of inequality and injustice in our world; it’s about creating a more peaceful, sustainable and connected world.

Come and celebrate the launch of the free e-book and audiobook with me, and if you’d like a printed version, then come to one of the book launch events.

Erfan Daliri


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