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We offer a range of editorial exposure across our digital channels to help you raise awareness and reach potential customers throughout their planing / purchasing journey.

Byron Insider story (onsite blog, story published for 12+ months): $500
Byron Bay Blog post (regular, stand alone, WordPress blog): $150
Post to our Facebook Page (105k Fans): $225
Post to our Instagram (34.6k Followers) & Twitter (3.2k Followers): $225
Front page embedded video: $300 for 2 weeks
Email newsletter (sent monthly to 7k+ subscribers) highlight: $150
Sweepstake giveaways (website + social promo, email address to enter): $1 per entry (email address for your list)

Perfect for businesses

  • That are producing digital content.
  • That want to raise awareness of their 'product' to a wider audience.
  • That want to provide potential customers with direct links through to their own website or social media channels.

For sales and marketing enquiries, please phone 02 8006 7003 or email ask@byron-bay.com.

Learn more about our audience and the things we do via this PDF link: www.bbay.me/byronbay


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Editorial & featured exposure

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