Doña Cholita is Australia’s first solar-powered Tortilleria

Doña Cholita

Nestled in the Byron Bay Hinterland, Doña Cholita is Australia’s first solar-powered Tortilleria, using 100% natural ingredients.  Doña Cholita was founded in 2015 by husband and wife duo, Australian-born Joey and her Mexican beau, Jefte.

After settling in the Northern Rivers shire, Jefte was craving the authentic Mexican flavours from his childhood. Unable to find a tortilla that ‘tasted like a tortilla’, the pair began baking their own tortillas from scratch, so that they could replicate the traditional Mexican experience at home. After all, it’s not unusual for your average Mexican to eat at least eight fresh corn tortillas a day!

They soon realised that there were others, who not only shared their desire for quality, mouth-watering Mexican food, but who had a craving for education around living a Mexican-inspired lifestyle.  Jefte and Joey imported a traditional tortilla oven from Mexico, sourced suppliers for organic ingredients and started producing mouth-watering Mexican staples that they could share with Australia  – Doña Cholita was born.

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