Jingi Walla Jugun - Welcome to Country

Delta Kay Business Events

As a proud Arakwal custodian I am committed to working in genuine partnership with our local community to promote an awareness, understanding and mutual respect between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people.

Boogulbeh – thank you, Delta Kay

Arranging a Welcome to Country demonstrations respect for Arakwal Bumberbin people as the First Peoples in the Byron Shire.

It is important that these protocols are used in consultation with traditional custodians to ensure local customs and etiquette are adhered to respectfully.

Welcome to Country can be performed by a person who is a member of Bundjalung of Byron Bay Aboriginal Corporation.  

Welcome to Country can include a speech, story of Country, a song or a dance or in very special circumstances, a smoking ceremony.

Welcome to Gabanbaa – Byron Bay

Jingii walla blagganmee Arakwal jugan
Djandamandi ngali garimaa ngali
Ngali ngaa na ngathang ngathang gen
Garimaa ngali jugan gunuu
Wanaa jangma mala gunu gala jugan
Ngali ngaa jugan gunuu
Bugalbee blagganmee
Welcome everyone to Arakwal Country
We acknowledge and pay respect
To our ancestors
We look after Country
Don’t do wrong around here, this Country
Thank you everyone

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