Why choose Byron for your next business event?

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In northern New South Wales is Australia’s most easterly point, home to a world-renowned destination that celebrates creativity, innovation, and independent thinking: Byron Bay.

Acclaimed by celebrities, adored by wellness advocates, and recognised for its natural beauty, Byron is so much more than a holiday favourite. It’s the place to be.

Home to innovation

Byron Bay’s unique character is defined by its long history as home to alternative thinkers. Today, creatives, innovators, and business leaders from near and far converge, fostering knowledge-sharing, education, partnerships, investments, and more.

The region’s open-minded and independent spirit has attracted great minds across industries, from tech to wellness. Allow Byron Bay’s authentic character to set the scene for your next business event.

Natural beauty abounds

From coast to hinterland, the Byron Shire’s natural environment is strikingly beautiful. White sandy beaches give way to rolling hills, roaring waterfalls cut through impenetrable rainforest, and sheltered shorelines sit shadowed by rugged cliff faces.

Byron is paradise – a fact known by lifelong locals and international superstars alike. Nature inspires, so treat your team and guests to a destination business event that’s as memorable as it is productive.

Staged for success

Byron Bay plays host to many events throughout the year, with major music and literary festivals being calendar highlights. The town is well-equipped to cater to corporate travelers' unique demands – discover world-class accommodation, gourmet eateries, transportation, unique activities, and more.

State-of-the-art facilities and dedicated services empower hosts to deliver leading-quality business conferences, product launches, seminars, team building events, workshops, shareholder meetings, and year-end functions.

Byron Business Event Guide

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