Bringing you the best in muesli & granola without all the nasties.

Byron Bay Macadamia Muesli

Byron Bay Muesli has been producing quality additive free 100% natural Macadamia Muesli & granola in Byron Bay since 2001.

Our story began with the desire to create a healthier breakfast cereal alternative for our family to enjoy. We believe that a healthy & delicious breakfast is the best start to an active day.

We don’t add refined sugar, numbers or fillers. There are absolutely no preservatives in our products. We sweeten our muesli by roasting with real Macadamia honey from unsprayed blossoms of our local Macadamia trees and Organic Coconut Nektar in our Vegan products.

We keep it real by using a majority of Organic Ingredients grown right here in Australia.

We started in a garage in Bangalow and now produce our amazing range of muesli & granolas in our state-of-the-art factory located right here in Byron Bay.

Now available in every state right across Australia, it’s testament to our success thanks to you.

We thank you and we will continue to bring you the best in muesli & granola without all the nasties.

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