Full moon over Cape Byron Lighthouse by Kelvin Hennessy

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"By the Light of the Silvery Moon" is a time-lapse video of the full moon of 3rd August 2020 rising behind the Cape Byron Lighthouse, the most easterly point of mainland Australia, 15 minutes before sunset. 



The atmospheric conditions were perfect allowing for incredible capture detail even though Kelvin Hennessy of Phase Four Photo & Film was 5 kilometres away from the lighthouse. If you look closely on a large screen you can even see small birds flying around it.

Kelvin describes the process.

"For this video shoot I used a 952mm focal length refractor telescope and a ZWO ASI183MC-Pro astronomical video camera, capable of capturing 19 RAW format 5496x3672 images per second directly into a notebook computer. About 4500 of those photos were later processed in Adobe Lightroom to correct the colour & contrast, remove camera sensor dust specks and crop the image to widescreen format. The images were then converted into a video using Adobe Premiere which also stabilised the wind-induced movement of the telescope.

'Photopills' is the excellent iPhone app I use to help me chose the perfect shooting location for these long distance photos. For perfect alignment like this I have to be accurate to within about 5 metres to the left left or right. I use an aircraft-grade bluetooth GPS linked to my iPhone to match my actual location to Photopill's suggested location."

Kelvin was awarded the world-wide "Photopiller of the Day" award for this photo.

The music on the video is "Toccata in G" and was composed by award-winning pianist Jessica Roemischer. Jessica enjoys creating soundtracks for celestial events, and other inspirational videos.

Contact Kelvin Hennessy
Facebook : facebook.com/phasefourphoto
Instagram : @phasefourphoto
Web : photo.phasefour.com.au


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