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Moving to Byron Bay? Consider Seeking Work in Any of These Industries

Byron Bay is an attractive place to live and work. This community’s economy is a resilient one; while Byron Bay is a comparatively small city, it offers a diversity of interesting job opportunities. If you’re moving to Byron Bay, you might want to consider seeking work in any of the following industries:

Hospitality and Food Service

Byron Bay offers numerous options for accommodation and for dining out. The area has many wonderful hotels, restaurants, cafes, eateries, pubs, clubs and bars. There are frequently job openings for chefs, servers and baristas and occasionally openings for restaurant or hotel managers.

If you plan to work at a bar or restaurant that serves alcoholic beverages, you will need to obtain a Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) certificate before you’re legally employable.

If you’ll be relocating to Byron Bay permanently, be sure to explain that to prospective employers; it will be a way to distinguish yourself in a good way, as many of them prefer to hire long-term help.


Many tradies live and work in Byron Bay. The council is currently undertaking multiple building and construction projects that are providing work opportunities for tradespeople with relevant qualifications.

Real Estate and Finance

Byron Bay is home to a sizable number of real estate brokers and investment firms.

To work as a real estate representative in Byron Bay, it’s ideal to obtain a certificate III or IV in real estate practice or property services.

There are multiple pathways you could take if you’d be interested in obtaining a finance industry job in Byron Bay. You’d usually need to possess a relevant qualification such as a diploma of accounting or a bachelor’s degree in accounting or finance. If you’re hoping to obtain a well-paying senior level role, it would be ideal to also hold a postgraduate degree – perhaps a Master of Business Administration (MBA) or a Master of Financial Technology.


Byron Bay has its own hospital known as Byron Central Hospital. This facility is a public hospital that provides an ambulatory care unit, emergency services, mental health services, dental care, birthing services and maternity services. It also has its own pharmacy. If you’re a credentialed healthcare provider practicing in any of the above-mentioned specialisations, this facility would be your likeliest source of work opportunities in the Byron Bay area.

Other Industries

If you’re hoping to find work in Byron Bay, these industries are some of your most probable prospects. However, these aren’t the only industries you’ll find in Byron Bay. There are numerous other industries that are less prominent but still viable.

Byron Bay’s many boutiques and retail stores hire retail sales professionals and store managers.

If you’re an educator who specializes in early learning or teaching primary school, you might be able to find work locally in Byron Bay. There might also be opportunities for VET trainers in the area.

Many of the people in Byron Bay have a strong connection to religion and spirituality, which creates opportunities for reiki practitioners, meditation teachers and yoga instructors.

People flock to Byron Bay for weddings. This creates opportunities for wedding planners, event coordinators, wedding photographers, videographers and caterers.

There are also some employers in the tech sector and ICT. Furthermore, some of the employers in other sectors hire ICT staff to help them with their information technology needs.

Byron Bay attracts a variety of writers ranging from bloggers to journalists to copywriters to novelists. This area is also an increasingly popular destination for remote workers of all varieties. Overall, Byron Bay is welcoming to individuals with a broad diversity of talents and skills.

Craft beer brewers in the Byron Bay region

Independence, quality ingredients and community are key to the popularity of craft beer. In 2008, Stone & Wood launched the fist brewery in Byron Bay and now the region is home to a variety of craft beer brewers.

You can visit, taste and learn about the unique beers on offer from each of our local brewery's.

Earth Beer Company 

Nestled in the picturesque Northern New South Wales hinterland. Situated just west of the coastal town of Kingscliff, our independently owned brewery is set up in a re-purposed industrial packing shed on a working 25-acre avo farm.

592 Cudgen Rd, Cudgen. Visit

Pickled Pig Brewery

A family owned local artisan brewery situated in Tweed Heads South with a small batch process. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer a variety of beer and cider styles with the highest level of quality which are all chemical and preservative free, using as organic as possible ingredients.

unit 1/2 18 Industry Drive, Tweed Heads South. Visit

Seven Mile Brewing Co. 

A family owned and operated craft brewery based in Ballina, Northern NSW. We support local grain growers to produce our fresh beer daily, and all organic plant waste goes on to feed local beef and pork stock. Our mission is to create a sustainable and revered brewery for our local community to enjoy and celebrate.

188-202 Southern Cross Dr, Ballina. Visit

Stone & Wood Brewing

Born and raised in Byron Bay, Stone & Wood is proudly local and independent, brewing approachable beer in the Northern Rivers. Inspired by the idea of the ‘village brewery’, we strive to operate as a conscious business and give back to our community.

100 Centennial Circuit, Byron Bay. Visit

Wandana Brewing Co.

Our small batch brews are crafted here in the majestic Northern Rivers of NSW, Byron Bay's Hinterland. We use only the finest ingredients and our brews are uniquely fermented to the vibrations of music. For happier yeast and beers that sing the soul.

20 Manns Rd, Mullumbimby. Visit


The Northern Rivers Food Harvest Food Trail, to be held on the weekend of May 1-2 2021, is guaranteed to be a very Northern Rivers experience, reflecting on and celebrating the distinctive provenance of our region’s food. The Trail will offer lots of wonderful eating and drinking experiences, jammed-packed with our most-acclaimed restaurants, producers, farmers and growers.

The Northern Rivers Food Harvest Festival has run each year since 2016. Due to COVID last year the festival was forced to cancel. This year Northern Rivers Food have announced an exciting evolution and have returned to deliver a highly-anticipated Harvest Food Trail self-drive event across the Northern Rivers on the weekend of May 1 – 2.

With 26 food and beverage participants, including two tours, an abundance of seasonal farm-gate produce, three course dining, grower talks, classes, distillery tours, tasting sessions, talks on regenerative farming and demonstrations from the region’s most celebrated chefs, the Northern Rivers Food Trail weekend is packed with both phenomenal food experiences and food for thought.

Highlights include:

  • agroecology tours at The Farm in Byron Bay;
  • a farm tour at Brookfarm's macadamia farm and discussion with Martin Brook, who is a passionate regenerative farmer;
  • classes, tours and tastings at Cape Byron Distillery, Husk Distillery and Lord Byron Distillery; 
  • Sunday long lunch at Harvest Newrybar;
  • a Meet the Maker and Pork and Pinot event at Byron at Byron featuring Bangalow Sweet Pork;
  • Bay Grocer and Beach Byron Bay will have stalls and samples from their favourite local producers;
  • roastery tours at Zentvelds Coffee Plantation Newrybar and Bun Coffee in Byron Bay
  • indigenous cooking demonstrations at Karkalla in Byron Bay
  • farms across the region, not normally open to the general public, will be opening their farm gate doors with special tours, including: Forage at Myocum; cane farms in Tumbulgum and Mooball; Duck Creek Macadamias at Newrybar; Australian native produce farm Wattle Tree Creek at Numulgi and pecan farm Barefoot Farm at Eltham.
  • Stone and Wood Brewery will be open with locally-produced specials, as will be Hotel Illawong at Evans Head, Santos Organics in Byron Bay and Billinudgel’s favourite Doña Cholita with a Mexican BBQ and tortilla making demonstrations. 
  • there will be a tractor tour at Tropical Fruit World and 
  • music, groovy DJ tunes and picnicking at Rock Chic Eggs, Keith Hall, Ballina
  • For those without a car or less keen to travel there are two tours. Playing with Fire Native Foods and Explore Byron Bay have joined forces to offer indigenous tours in the Bangalow Parklands. Delta Kay will take guests along the stunning Byron Creek to discover bush tucker plants, as well as plants used for natural medicine, jewellery, fibre, tools and weapons. There are opportunities to learn some Bundjalung language and may be lucky enough to see Binging the river turtle or Junbung the platypus.


Table Under a Tree will also host a small group tour along the Trail, where you’ll be offered special insights into seasonal, local produce, and the people behind it.

“Part of enjoying the food, is knowing the story…understanding where your food was grown, the regenerative methods the farmer used to produce your food, the families behind the brands and their unique stories. Our Harvest Food Trail offers a self-drive experience like no other where you will develop unique insights into how your food and beverages are produced.

Jump in your car and enjoy the whole farm-to-plate experience. Choose from a food discovery trail of over twenty leading food producers, farms, restaurants, distilleries, breweries and food outlets across the region. Enjoy a leisurely drive at your own pace, choosing your own itineraries over the weekend,” said Anne Briggs, Executive Officer of Northern Rivers Food.

"Our Harvest Food Trail will offer a diverse range of innovative eating and drinking experiences. It will be an entertaining, educational and nourishing weekend for locals and visitors alike."

Northern Rivers Food is a not for profit, member-based food and beverage group, whose main purpose is to connect the local food community in the region. From paddock to plate they help develop their members’ businesses and celebrate the distinctive provenance of the region’s food.

The Harvest Food Trail is the Northern Rivers Food’s only consumer event and is run as a cost-neutral exercise to help promote and market the Northern Rivers NSW region as a unique and exceptional regional food destination.  

Full detail and trail map available at

Unemployment increases in NSW - Here are 5 Skills Recruiters are Looking for in 2021

There’s no denying the fact that 2020 has managed to change almost every aspect of common life and has highly affected businesses across the globe. Unemployment has been increasing since February 2020 and it’s still a prominent issue in Australian society. Now, in 2021, the repercussions of the pandemic are showing even in job interviews. Recruiters today are looking for a pretty different set of skills, adjusted to the interesting times that we’re living.

That being said, in this article, we’ll list 5 skills that can help you understand what are the most desired qualities that employers are looking for in 2021, so you can land your dream job.

Virtual Environments Adaptability

Some people are just made to work in a virtual environment; they feel most comfortable at home, in the comfort of their own space and they do not miss a single thing from the office. On the other hand, there are people who have a very hard time accommodating working remotely in virtual environments. Unsurprisingly, in 2021, the power to adapt to any type of virtual environment will be absolutely critical. It can be hard for someone to keep things interesting, to stay relevant and visible in the company just through screens; this is one of the biggest challenges for everyone this year.

Continuous Learning

The fast-paced world that we live in today has brought some negative aspects along the way for sure, and one of these is the lifespan of a skill once you acquire it; it has become very short. In today’s industry, you need to prove that you are able to learn something new every day, to improve your skills catalog, and to stay up to date with the latest technologies, methods, or practices. So naturally, agile learners will have a much easier time getting the desired job, because it’s important to be flexible and willing to acquire new skills in a rapid fashion. So maybe it’s time for you to take an upskilling course, taught to you by some of Australia’s most trusted educators.

In the New South Wales region, unemployment has increased to 6.4%. This number is significantly higher than in previous years, so there’s no denying the fact that people are currently struggling with their jobs. It’s important to stay motivated and focus on upskilling; to be prepared for the new qualities that recruiters are seeking for in 2021.


Before 2020, people knew that every few years, when they change their job, they need to learn how to accommodate some new rules, new teams, and new work ethics. Nowadays, you should expect a 180 change in your work schedule and priorities from one day to another. If you are not flexible enough to quickly shift your mindset and understand that all these rapid changes are something that we all go through, landing a job in 2021 can become pretty difficult. According to Financial Review, in Australia, all major companies are prepared to have all of their employees work from home for longer than anyone has expected; so these skills will remain relevant in the years to come, for sure.

Stress Management

Nowadays, people tend to stress more than they did in the past. Having an office job was already stressful for the majority of people before 2020, especially for the ones with an increased amount of responsibilities. For some people, the year that has gone by was more relaxed, since they were able to work from the comfort of their own homes; but for others, the level of stress has increased exponentially. Being able to successfully manage stress is one of the most important skills that you need to develop in 2021, as uncertainty is still all around us.

Team Work

This one seems pretty obvious and it has been for a long time. But it has become more relevant than ever in 2021. The idea of successfully working in a team has changed in the past year because now you either need to able to communicate everything virtually and make it as efficient as possible, or you need to learn how to interact with your colleagues under immense amounts of stress and rules that you all need to follow in order to respect all social distancing and hygiene regulations.

The world is constantly evolving and the need for us to learn how to adapt has become more vital than ever. There wasn’t even one industry that wasn’t affected by the global pandemic, so we all had something to learn from it, and we still do. That’s why, in 2021, recruiters are looking for a different soft skill set and you need to be aware of these if you’re planning to change your job or take on a new career path.

Final concept plans for the $2.6 million Byron Bay skatepark

The final concept plans for the new $2.6 million Byron Bay skatepark have been completed and Council is looking for feedback from the community.

The skatepark has been designed by CONVIC, which is regarded as one of the world’s best skatepark designers.

This final concept is the result of feedback from two rounds of public consultation where the information received from more than 300 survey responses has been taken on board by the designers.

The skatepark will be built on a site referred to locally as Sandhills, which is in the centre of Byron Bay between the Library, Youth Activity Centre and Sandhills Childcare Centre.

“This is such an exciting project that is long overdue in Byron Bay,” Byron Shire Mayor, Simon Richardson, said.

“The skatepark will cater for all ages and all abilities and will activate a space that is currently under-utilised and attracts antisocial behaviour,” Mayor Richardson said.

“One of the key aims of this project is to allow the community to reclaim a space that has felt unsafe and unwelcoming for many years,” Mayor Richardson said.

People can see the final concept design and leave feedback at Your Say Byron Shire.  The closing date for submissions is 26 March 2021. 

The designers will then review the submissions, make any final changes to the plans and progress to detailed design prior to a tender for construction.

The new skatepark is being funded by the $2.05 million from the NSW Government’s Roads and Infrastructure Election Commitment and $600,000 from Byron Shire Council.

Easter school holiday activities for kids in Byron Bay

The Easter long weekend and autumn school holidays are a popular time for families to visit. On top of the Byron Bay Bluesfest and all the usual things to do in Byron Bay, there's a whole host of school age activities to enjoy. Hope this short list sparks your imagination.

Warehouse Day Skate Camp

Our Warehouse Day Camp is a great way to meet some new friends that share the same passion and improve your skateboarding skills. We offer a full day of skateboard instruction in a fun day camp environment, at our coaching facility in Byron industrial estate. It is an unique and fun experience for kids aged 6 to 12 years old, from beginners to advanced.

Circus Arts Byron Bay

Circus Arts Byron Bay is the place to be during school holidays, offering a comprehensive timetable of activities during both the QLD and NSW school holidays including full and half day circus programs, flying trapeze, indoor climbing, Ninja/Parkour classes and a kids play space. Beginners to advanced, ages 5 - 15.

Sandology Byron Bay

Sandology is one of Australia’s longest-running professional sand sculpture companies. Formed in 1998 by master sand sculptor Steve Machell. There is a certain wonder in seeing life breathed into just sand and water. Sandology runs regular workshops in Byron Bay every school holidays. Keep an eye on the Sandology Facebook page for details.

Horse riding with Pegasus Park Equestrian Centre

Submerge yourself in nature, as you explore Byron Bay’s picturesque’s Hinterland and Beaches. Established 1994, Pegasus Park specialises in horse riding for people of all ages and all levels of ability. 

Byron Beachside Artisan Market Saturday 10th April 2021

The Byron Bay Beachside Markets are held four times each year: in early January, Easter, mid-July and in late September. The markets are located on the foreshore of Main Beach, east of the Surf Club in Byron Bay, open at 8am and run until 3pm.

Byron Bay World Naked Bike Ride - Sunday 14 March 2021

Join a global biketivism event and take a magical bicycle tour of Byron Bay in the World Naked Bike Ride 2021.

On Sunday, 14 March 2021, participants will meet at 1pm for paint up at Gilmore Crescent near the YAC. Ride commences at 3pm. The easy ride will take about 30-minutes, and is suitable for all fitness levels. No walkers permitted, you must be on a bike, skates or blades. 

The World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR) is an international clothing-optional bike ride in which participants plan, meet and ride together en masse on human-powered transport, to "deliver a vision of a cleaner, safer, body-positive world". The dress code motto is "bare as you dare".

Route for the bike ride 2021 same as last year,  meet time is 1 pm for body painting. Parking onsite at the start will be $10 this year to try to assist in raising money towards the costs associated with running the ride each year. Any donations will be appreciated as it is becoming harder each year to raise funds to support this cause.

Every year in March, thousands of ‘biketivists’ from over 70 countries around the globe take part in the World Naked Bike Ride.

Learn more about the Byron Bay event at the Byron Bay World Naked Bike Ride Facebook Group.

Splendour in the Grass reschedules to November 2021

Secret Sounds Presents the 20th Annual Music & Arts Festival
Splendour reschedules to Friday 19 – Sunday 21 November 2021

OK, campers, rise and shine, and don’t forget your booties…
Groundhog Day jokes aside, Splendour in the Grass 2021 will be rescheduled for a Spring edition, Friday 19 to Sunday 21 November.

The good news is that GORILLAZ, THE STROKES and TYLER, THE CREATOR are all available for the new November dates!
“Huge thanks to our headliners for being flexible and to our amazing Splendour community for their ongoing support. We miss you and we can guarantee that when we see you in November it’s going to be worth the wait!” said Splendour in the Grass co-founders Jessica Ducrou and Paul Piticco.
“We had so hoped to bring you Splendour’s 20th Anniversary edition this July but we can’t stage the event that you know and love within the current restrictions and international border closures.
“Since March 2020, not a single festival in Australia has been able to run at full capacity and the industry is currently operating at a fraction of pre-Covid levels.
“Australia’s live music industry is made up of many sole traders and small businesses alongside the larger tour and event promoters. In support of them all, we implore the government to provide some form of continued wage subsidy until the industry can once again operate at full capacity.
“And to the music loving public, when a tour or event is postponed we ask you to hold onto your tickets. This is the best way to support your favourite artist or event right now.”
In more good news for ticket holders, November in Byron Bay is stunning and you won’t need your winter woollies for this special late Spring edition of Splendour in the Grass.
Please retain your tickets and support live music if you wish to attend Splendour in November.
Wanna come to this special Spring edition Splendour in November? Pre-loved tickets are available from Moshtix now!

Ticket holders who are not able to attend the new dates will be able to apply for a refund from 12.00pm today until Wednesday 31 March. Moshtix will be in touch with all account holders directly with more information. Please note that refunds need to be requested by the purchaser i.e. if a mate purchased your ticket for you, they will also need to request your refund for you.

19, 20 & 21 November 2021
North Byron Parklands

Tweed Valley Way, Wooyung

Byron Bay Bypass opened 27 February 2021

It’s been a milestone over 30 years in the making and today the Byron Bay Bypass project officially opened to traffic. 

NSW Parliamentary Secretary for the Energy and Arts, Ben Franklin MLC unveiled the plaque, cut the ribbon and declared the new section of road open in Byron Bay today.

“The NSW Government are building a safe, stronger Regional NSW and it’s incredibly exciting to be here today allowing traffic on the new road for the first time,” Mr Franklin said.

“No longer will locals have to queue on Jonson Street to get across town, the Bypass will offer a more efficient route to connect the eastern and western suburbs of Byron Bay,” he said.

Byron Shire Council Mayor Simon Richardson joined Mr Franklin in a 1977 Bay Kombi van, to do an official first lap of the new road.

“The Byron Bay Bypass project is the largest infrastructure project that Byron Shire Council has ever delivered,” Mayor Richardson said.

“It is important to recognise the project is comprised of far more than just a new road,” Mayor Richardson said.

“Some of the major construction achievements also include three new roundabouts and almost 2 kilometres of new shared path and footpath. The new shared path now means our residents can cycle and walk safely between Suffolk Park and the industrial estate,” he said.

Commencing in July 2019, the project was delivered across four construction stages.

Further construction achievements include

  • 1 upgraded roundabout at Shirley/Butler/Jonson
  • 1.2 kms of new road construction
  • 250 m of road renewal/resurfacing
  • Increased road width by 6-10m on average
  • Increased size of the Butler Street drain and formalised drainage to Belongil Creek
  • Construction of a pedestrian footbridge on Butler Street
  • 12 safer crossing points
  • 2.3 kms on-road cycleway
  • Noise mitigation works at 19 properties
  • Construction of a 200m noise wall


“As well as renewed and improved infrastructure, the Bypass project has delivered a number of positive environmental outcomes,” Ben Franklin MLC said.

“While 1.5 hectares of vegetation was impacted to construct Stage 2 of the project, an additional 44.5 hectares of similar vegetation is now protected in perpetuity as a result of two approved Biobanking agreements at Lilli Pilli and Wallum Place,” Mr Franklin said.

“Council has always been committed to going above and beyond on environmental matters, which is why we’ve also invested $81,700 towards the regeneration of 17.5 hectares of potential Mitchell’s Rainforest Snail habitat at Sunrise Boulevard Bushland, Butler Street Reserve and Midgen Swamp Reserve in Suffolk Park,” Mayor Simon Richardson said.

As part of the project, a number of additional environmental outcomes were achieved including:

  • 10,068 new shrubs and trees planted
  • 900 metres of new fauna protection fencing
  • Installation of a fauna underpass
  • 840 meters of bioswales to filter pollutants from stormwater runoff into the wetlands
  • 230 research hours (pre and post clearing surveys) providing a valuable scientific contribution to knowledge on the Mitchell’s Rainforest Snail. It was deemed highly likely based on the findings that the actual number of MRS in the area was larger than the previously researched and assumed number.


Council has conducted pre-Bypass traffic modelling, and will commence post-Bypass traffic modelling in the coming months.

The Byron Bay Bypass project has been proudly fully funded by the NSW Government ($20 million including funding from Growing Local Economies) and $4 million from Byron Shire Council.

Viva Lava - EDM Group from Byron Bay

Viva Lava formed in mid 2019. Based in Byron Bay the duo are singer/song writer Amber Rose Jolly and renowned Psy-trance Dj/producer Dhillon Tiffin aka (Spliffun). 

Coming from completely different musical backgrounds the two have come together to merge their styles to forge a unique sound! Viva Lava have released 5 original tracks on all stream sites. 

Their ethereal dreamy dance tracks will take you on a journey. Each tune reflecting a different time and space. The two plan to keep working in their live show and hit the stages by later in the year. 

Their latest song and music Video “Comfort zone” is inspired by the trials of last years restrictions and changes. This song is all about breaking free and letting your soul dance. 

Viva Lava have more tasty tunes cooking away but for now do your self a favour and  go to their Spotify and add them to your playlist. Suited for every occasion.

Be sure to follow and enjoy Viva Lava on



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