Tallow Beach and Cosy Corner Byron Bay

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Tallow Beach is a six and half kilometre stretch of beach between the Cape Byron Conservation Area and Broken Head Nature Reserve. It is part of Arakwal National Park. 

Tallow Beach is very popular beach in the summer and school holidays and is great for swimming, surfing, beach walking, fishing and even bird watching. Look out for Osprey and White-bellied Sea Eagles. 

It’s a good idea to swim only when the beach is patrolled paying special attention to children as there are rip tides at this beach. The beach is easily accessed by Cosy Corner picnic area and car park.

Is Tallow Beach Patrolled by Lifesavers?
Please check the Byron Shire Council website for local surf life saving information or the Beach Safe Website for more details.


  • Toilets at Cosy Corner
  • Picnic area at Cosy Corner
  • No drinking water – please bring your own
  • Parking at Cosy Corner. $4 per hour

Tallow Beach is a consistently good spot where you can find waves when the other beaches are flat. Not suited to beginners unless the waves are very small, look for small North to East to South swells and make sure the beach is patrolled. 

For more experienced surfers waves are best with West to North East winds. Also note that Cosy Corner is well protected from the dreaded northerlies. Further south Suffolk Park works best with off shore winds and Broken Head can produce a barrelling right-hander when the swell is big.

Nearby Attractions

Awakral National Park
As part of Awakral National Park Tallow Beach falls within the custodial boundaries of the Bundjalung nation. This land has great importance to the Awakral People hence the park’s name. This sacred connection to the land was recognised in 2001 with the Indigenous land Use Agreement between the Bundjalung of Byron Bay (Awakral) People and the NSW State Government. 

Awakral is a small but diverse and important National Park. It is home and sanctuary to a number of threatened and endangered native plants and animals. The NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service works closely with the Awakral people by recognising cultural considerations in the management of the park and through benefiting from local indigenous knowledge.

Frequently Asked Questions or FAQ's

What do the flags mean on the beach?
The most important flags on the beach are the red and yellow flags. These show the supervised area of the beach and that a lifesaving service is operating. If there are no red and yellow flags, you should not go swimming.

How long is Tallow Beach?

How far is Tallow Beach from town?
3.2 km

Is Tallow Beach patrolled by lifesavers?
Please check the Byron Shire Council website for local surf life saving information or the Beach Safe Website for more details.

Is Tallow Beach good for surfing?
Yes. Beginners should take care and only surf when the waves are small and the beach is patrolled.

Is Tallow Beach good for children?
Children should always swim between the flags on a patrolled beach.

Are there showers at Tallow Beach?

Is drinking water available at Tallow Beach?
No. Please bring your own water.

Do you have to pay for parking at Tallow Beach? 
Yes. Parking at Cosy Corner is $4 per hour

Are there toilets at Tallow Beach?
Yes. At Cosy Corner

What is the Beach Hazard Rating at Tallow Beach?
6/10 (Moderately hazardous)

Is Tallow Beach dog friendly?
Yes. The section between Jarman Street and Awakral National Park is dog friendly. For more information please refer to Byron Shire Council Off-leash Exercise Areas

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