Zakay Glass Creations

Zakay Glass Gallery specialises in contemporary glass sculpture and lighting. Designer Asaf Zakay’s work captures the essence of nature and allows people to see it as if for the first time. He combines contemporary simplicity and functionality with traditional manufacturing methods.

Asaf Zakay’s superb craftsmanship, innovative designs, and the finest quality materials are the hallsmarks of Zakay Glass Creations style.

These contemporary glass sculptures of timeless beauty can be applied to any domain whether it be a home, office space or as a gift.

Artist: Asaf Zakay

See his latest designs – sculpture lights! Each piece creates a fascinating play of light and shadow during the day, but glows like a lantern at night. Asaf said, ‘A light is like a companion, you live with it , you build a relationship. It’s much more than a source of light to me.’At Zakay Glass Creations Gallery you will find wonderful exhibitions of local and nationally acclaimed artists alongside Asaf's stunning light sculptures.

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Visit our showroom or call for further information about exhibition openings and events. Zakay Glass Gallery is a must see.

Phone: 1300 859 291