Homoeoapthy is a fascinating energetic healing modality which takes a highly individualistic approach to treating those who present with acute or chronic ailments or with emotional / behavioural / circumstantial issues.

A wise homoeopath assesses both the physical and psychological state of the person and then prescribes a homoeopathic remedy. The homoeopathic pharmacopeia comprises thousands of natural substances, all of which are administered in minute,highly dilute doses.

Homoeopathy affords its practitioners a tremendous breadth and depth of diagnostic and prescriptive approach. For me, the manner of the case-taking and the accuracy of the prescribing of homoeopathic remedies are equally pivotal to generating healing.

Integral to my approach to prescribing is the need to clarify the purpose and fundamentals of each person’s treatment. This clarity of purpose, when defined and agreed upon by the homoeopath and the client, often helps to bring to light influential pathologies-including behavioural or attitudinal ones-which at first glance may appear only tangentially or indirectly related to the type of physical-only diagnosis which mainstream western-medicine proposes.

Homoeopathic remedies prescribed from this agreed position of clarity can be brilliantly effective, occasioning for the client a heightened self-awareness which subsequently may bring about more healed tendencies of thinking and behaviour in daily life.

In homoeopathy, we believe it can be helpful to delve gently but thoroughly into a client’s life history in order to pinpoint areas of attitudinal or behavioural neglect which are crying out for recognition and address.

It is a privilege to serve others via my consultations and while I work within the general framework of classical homoeopathy, I also bring to my diagnosing and prescribing my own evolving intuition, which is grounded in compassion for and insight into the various factors affecting a client.

As my understanding of health and well-being expands, it becomes increasingly evident that some people improve while others lag behind, no matter what healing modality they try. Central to this paradigm is a person’s willingness to change and to relinquish, incrementally, over time, their most undermining patterns of behaviour. Each of us creates our own personal reality, day by day. So as we strive to embrace this self-empowering precept, we allow ourselves to make ongoing efforts to heal deeply-in our thought patterns, our beliefs, our expectations, our bodies, our very beingness.

In this regard, homoeopathy, via its gentle yet ameliorative approach, can help to trigger and catalyse healing outcomes in our everyday lives-physically, mentally, emotionally, etc.


I have worked as a homoeopath for thirty years, many of these in England where I trained and practiced. Some of this work was in a charity-based children’s clinic where I treated thousands of young people in what was at that time the largest and most successful clinic of its type in Europe. I also taught for seven years at the London College of Classical Homoeopathy, the first degree course of its type in Britain.

I have four children so I appreciate the often complex psychodynamics of family life and the everyday challenges of active parenting. I pay a lot of attention to what is happening in the family environment when I work with children or adults. Family life constitutes one of the richest arenas for personal growth available to us, both in our families of origin and the families we create in our adulthood. Depending on how things are going, family life can bring deep satisfaction or trenchant dismay into our daily lives.

Being an energetic modality, homoeopathy, with its inherent richness of interpretation and application, manages to encompass and address all this emotional behavioural territory via its vast range of highly specific remedies. To this end, adept homoeopathic prescribing can help to alleviate the underlying familial tensions which often lie at the the heart of a person’s health problems.

In recent years I also have assisted men and women seeking homoeopathic help to improve the health and well-being of their animals, notably horses.

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