Learning to surf in Byron Bay is the Best. 

 "The Bay" inside Cape Byron has the Safest and Longest Learn to surf waves waves on the east coast of Australia.

 We have surfed the area since the 70's and instructing since the early 80's.

Experience surfing: The Pass, Clarkes Beach, Watego Beach, The Wreck & Belongil Beach. As well as the open beach, Tallow Beach. It's all here for all types of surfers from longboarders to short boarders.

If you are looking to find the best school, make sure the lesson is on Byrons' Town Beaches. 

 Some Byron Bay Surf School Operators?? drive for over 30 minutes?? to get to the waves. What the??

In Byron Bay, Style Surfing School is one of only 4 "Byron Bay Surfing Schools" licensed to operate on Byron Bay beaches.

We are at "YOUR" Service. We don't want to be the biggest, we just want to stay the Best.

Style Surfing has a maximum of 10 Beginners with 3 Instructors. The best student Instructor Ratio. It is totally personalised & systemised in the surf.  

We have Instructors in the surf 100% of the lesson helping you with every wave you go for as well as keeping you safe.

You will be able to stand up and surf on the first few waves during your very first lesson. If you do not, I will give you a full refund.

Happy Days in Byron Bay.

Phone us: [+61 2] 6685 5634

Mobile / SMS 0416 162 969
email us at stylesurf@bigpond.com




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