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Psychic Development, Meditation Retreats
and Massage Courses.


Trainings: Contact Rago for 2013 Schedule

Psychic Development and Meditation Retreat

A six day retreat full of relaxation, meditation
& learning how to read energy.
(Includes a personal reading with Rago and daily Yoga).

Contact Rago for more course details.
Accommodation and lunch available.

Why would I want to I do the group process?
To learn:
to “read” your own energy field around you.
to “read” energy fields of everything else.
about your male as well as your female energies.
 about the energy stations called chakras
to be able to give a complete reading to someone who needs clarity about something.
to learn to tune into the future of yourself as well as others.
to learn meditation
to learn relaxation
And to have fun with like-minded people.

Learning how to read energy is a very useful skill.
We all do it to a certain extent: “will it rain today?’ and we feel it out.
“Should I bring some warm cloths for my holiday?” and we tune into the holiday
people, all the time.
In this process you will be learning how to use it consciously.
You will first of all learn to read the energy you carry within yourself about certain issues.
“Reading” is a way of becoming aware of what is going on without getting involved with it. It is more like observing, rather than becoming emotional about the feelings and the issues that you “read”.
You remain the “reader”, the observer, instead of becoming  the issue / emotion.
From the place of the reader, you have the space to tune into the best way to deal with the issue / emotion.

Why is it important to read energy?
The energy that you carry around you will taint your way of perceiving what is really happening. As if you are wearing coloured glasses and are looking into the world through that particular colour.
Reading energy also changes how you experience things, how you feel things.
And…reading energy changes what you attract coming to you.
In other words, you determine your future by what you unconsciously are carrying around with you.

Why is it important to read energy around others, things, situations?
Lets start with a situation:
You might hear information about a situation, you might look into it, but you only truly know what is going to happen with this particular situation when you tune into it from a higher space within yourself. That way you do not follow the predictable, the common opinion or the onion of your own tainted mind.
An object or a space:
Again the only way of perceiving an object or a space is when you bypass the mind full of its preconceived ideas and old believes and instead tune into it objectively, from a higher space. In this way you can read the highest potential of the object/ space.
And lastly, the energy around an other person:
Most people carry many layers of unconscious “stuff” around them. You might be attracted to the stuff of someone else, or you might be appalled by it.  So you decide that you like or dislike this person.
But the actual fact is that your stuff is reacting to the other persons stuff.  And so two personalities begin a relationship. In this relationship people will try to change the other to suit the needs of their own stuff.

When there is love, slowly the unconscious layers will become conscious.
And when there is consciousness the unconscious layers will evaporate.
Reading is bringing a loving consciousness to a person, or a situation.
This way a real meeting can happen, from being to being.
Instead of from personality to personality.

Read Rago's personal story at the bottom of this page!

Massage Training Information:

Series of 3 levels of massage techniques.

Each course is a 5-day massage training and is complete in itself.
The 3 different levels can be given over a few months period, with enough time for the person to practice what they have learned previously.

In the 5 days beginners massage course, or part 1 of the massage training.

We will be teaching:

How to successfully give a full body massage and the art of bringing full relaxation to someone’s body and mind.
We will be using the principles of Swedish and Deep-Tissue massage as well as Rebalancing.

In these 5 days:

  • I will teach how to first of all make a person feel relaxed in his or her own skin.
  • I will teach how you can finetune where your client is unconsciously holding on to tensions.
  • In order to relax those tensions I will teach the principles of Swedish massage, in case the client is very sensitive and needs fine touch.
  • Or deep-tissue massage in case the client is toned as well as open to firm pressure. I will also teach how to use firm pressure without the client needing to tense up.
  • When the tensing process happens anyway I will teach how to invite the client to relax as well as receive deep pressure.
  • It is all about tuning into your client and following where he/she is at in his/her body.

So far the massage is all about the client and the state of his/ her muscles.

In the 5 days intermediate course, or part 2 of the massage training:

We will be teaching massage combined with Reiki Healing as well as the skill of diagnosing and giving a healing treatment.
Participants will also learn in Part 2 how to do advanced levels of massage techniques as well as the principles of Remedial Massage. One will learn to do a diagnosis and give proper treatment.

Now we are going one step deeper:

  • I will be teaching how to tune into the emotional state of the person and on an energetic level help the client to feel good again.
  • One reason for tensions is a holding on to emotional and psychological pain. This creates a holding on effect in the psychic bodies and through that in the physical body.
  • So you will learn how to tune into the reason why the tension is there and bring healing to the pain, so the person can let go.
  • Massage is really all about inviting the person to let go of their tensions.
  • For this we use the technique of remedial massage, as well as Reiki healing.

In the 5 days advanced course or, part 3 of the massage training:

  • We will be teaching massage combined with treating the deeper layers of the person. Treating the layers of the emotional as well as the psychological and spiritual energy bodies of a person.
  • We will be using Aura-Soma Color pomanders, as well as using the skill of applying various kinds of energy work during the massage.
  • We will teach how one can treat the deeper layers of the person receiving the massage.
  • Part 3 will also instruct all participants in how to do a series of treatments on one person, to assist them to regain ultimate health and well-being on all levels.
  • I will be teaching how to give a relaxing massage, how diagnose and treat under laying tensions, how to bring healing into old wounds that have become ingrained into the physical body and how to bring the client back in touch with their higher self, their real purpose in life and their being within.
  • We will be learning about and using the principle of Aura-Soma colour healing, Oneness healing and other energetic healing techniques.

After completion of Part 3, the participant will be given a certificate as a fully qualified massage therapist from the School of Conscious Touch.

The participant is now a qualified massage therapist and will be able to start a career or just enjoy giving great massages to friends and family.


About the teacher:

Rago Dahlsen has been practicing and teaching massage and meditation during the past 30 years. She has been trained in Divine Healing Massage, Swedish massage, Remedial Massage and Psychic Massage. She is a Reiki Healer and has a certificate in Aura-Soma Color Healing.

Rago does Energy work consultations and counseling, as well as various Eastern and Western Meditation techniques. Apart from being a specialist in these massage techniques as well as her energy work, she has been practicing these tools over these 30 years.

Rago has been a certified student at a number of international Mystery schools. She also has been running, since 10 years her own health retreat in Byron Bay Australia. See: http//
















Life Reading Seminar with
Rago Dahlsen

What is a psychic reading?
A psychic reading helps the individual to recognize his/her strengths and abilities in business and/or personal life and relationships.
It helps the individual to see where they are going and how they can change old negative persistent patterns.
It helps to heal the past and allows the individuals growth.
It helps to replace fears and with healthy and positive optimisms and a clear direction in life.
In this psychic development course the participant will reclaim the often still-laying dormant psychic abilities.
During this psychic development seminar we will look at the inner world as a scientist would. We become scientists of the inner.
We will learn about the chakras, the 7 energy centres in the psychic body.

During the psychic development classes we will experience our energies and issues in the different chakras.
We will learn about the male and female energy and about the relationship the inner man and the inner woman have or don’t have.

We will learn to ask and to trust our higher self.
We will also work with our spirits and our guides and increasingly learn how to trust their guidance.
We first learn to “read” our selves.
Reading oneself is a great way of moving from the periphery, from the issues of the personallity ,through seeing and understanding, into the space of the being. This is a wonderful meditation technique or centring exercise.
A great way of going beyond the mind.

We will be learning to give a “heart reading”.
And finally we will be giving each other a full “psychic reading”.
Anyone can do this training.
Anyone can be psychic.
At the most you might have forgotten how to use your senses.
In this training you will become that “witch” again.

 About Rago Dahlsen

Rago Dahlsen is the founder of the School of Psychic Development and Spiritual Oneness in Byron Bay -Australia.
Rago was part of a mystery school for many years in Pune – India.
She later on joined the School of Mysticism in Sedona - USA.
In this school she learned the maps of the inner world, along with many meditation techniques. She learned to be a scientist of the inner.

She also spent a considerable amount of time doing meditation retreats, including living in a Zen monastery in California.

In her 20 years of giving psychic readings, she learned to apply the maps of the inner, combined with an ever-strengthening trust in her spirits and guides.

She is now offering this training, confident that now is the time, for her to pass on the gift that she was given many years ago and which has been with her ever since.

Psychic Reading Training Testimonials

“Hello fellow psychic readers!
I trust you are all doing exceptionally well since our fabulous week at Ragos
Wow what an experience!
It was so lovely to meet you all. Such a great bunch of people.
I have done a few readings so far,  which were very interesting to say the least.
I feel so easy and confident now about giving psychic readings."

Dane Wilson

One participant's words on what she has found for herself in the psychic development group:

“The space I have found in me this week feels clear and pure.
It feels like the energy of “no mind” and yet something speaks.
The voice of existence comes through me towards the one who is ready to hear it.
I now am ready to be the voice of consciousness that speaks the truth of our souls journey and awakens many in a pure and simple way.
So beautiful this gift of sharing truth and love in psychic readings.
We all want the truth of our being to shine through in light and love, in ways that open us to god within ourselves”
in love,

Mackayla Chalmers

Massage Training Testimonials

Lisa Brown from Sydney Australia says:
“When I started the course with John and Rago, I was quite stressed from my work and when I received my first massage I was constantly tensing up. I was also very nervous with practicing for 2 days. But because the teaching was so good and the atmosphere so relaxed, the stress in my mind disappeared, my body relaxed and practicing became fun and a real education, and now I feel confident and I love giving and receiving massage. Thank you so much John and Rago”.

Allison Diamond from Byron Bay had this to say after completing the course:
“I work in an office for long hours, and because of that I get very little exercise.
I felt I needed to do something to become aware of my body again, and so I thought 5 days of massage should be good for me. It was not just good it was great. This course was a real breakthrough for me on all levels. I actually am quite good at giving massages and I love receiving them. The other participants have become my friends. John and Rago, you are the best teachers I could have wished for.

Peter Smith from Melbourne said:
The massage course was a birthday present from my wife. She thought it would be good for me. She also wanted me to be able to give her massages. She was right. It was very good for me and she says I’m a great masseur. So I’m certainly going to do part 2 as I can see a future for myself as a massage therapist. John and Rago, you can sign me up already. I’ll be there! With love, Peter.



Psychic Development:

My story: Rago

Both my father and mother came from hard-working business families.
In my mothers family the business was terminated when my grandfather suddenly became blind. Whatever suffering this caused to the family with four growing children, for me later on, as a grandchild it was a pure gift.

After he was left in his own world without sight, my grandfather turned out to be very psychic and I spend many hours sitting with him and being in awe about the abilities of this man. Not only did he have a photographic memory, which allowed him to remember any thing anyone ever told him, he also had this memory with numbers.

As a child I would mention any number of six, seven or even nine digits long and tell him to multiply this with an equally long different number and in less than the time it took me to put these numbers in my calculator, he would come up with the answer. He was always right.

In later days, when I came back from my foreign travels he would want to know everything I had seen, especially of the holy land, Israel. So I sat with him and told him in details how everything looked and smelled. If, years later I again would mention something about my experiences there, he would always correct me and say:”no it was not like that, it was like…” and he would remind me of how it had been. Upon which I always had to admit that he was right. I had forgotten already, but he who had never been there, had remembered and always would remember

.An other genius thing he did was make knots of robe thick as a head of a grown man. If you ever see those huge knots in the robes these mammoth ships are tied to the shore with, you might want to try to imagine that my blind grandfather made those knots with his own hands and only a tiny little tool to get underneath the layers of robe on the top. It was ingenious what he could do!

But the best thing he did was every day after he and my grand mother had had their warm meal of the day and they were sitting down in the lazy chairs for their afternoon rest, he would take my grand mothers leg and start rubbing her painful knees and feet. I as a small child would love to sit next to these two lovely people and experience true healing. I could feel it in the whole room, the healing effect this man had coming from his hands.

So I was very blessed with my grandfather being blind. His special gifts might not have been so obvious if he had remained a well seeing business man. He might just have made a lot of money instead.

Which brings me to my father, who did just that. My father also was a very good business man and he did make a lot of money. He worked so hard, sometimes day and nights, just as if he knew that his time here on earth was going to be very short. He had three young children and even though he spent very little time hanging out with us kids, he certainly had a sense of taking care of us. So much so that I will forever remain incredibly grateful to this man, who I have known less long while he was alive, than since he has been dead.

He suddenly died when he was thirty six. Thromboses, they said it was. I was fifteen years old and had a younger brother and a still younger sister and a mother who totally fell apart. He and she were soul-mates and had always worked together and suddenly he was gone. She had a very hard time of getting over it and amongst us kids we know that she actually never did get over it. She continued her life, but something in her died and went with him.

I initially did everything possible for a fifteen year old kid to take care of my distraught mum and only when she started connecting with an other man, I could focus on myself and realized that I was pissed off. I was so very pissed off. At my dad for suddenly dying. At the society which wants everyone to work so bloody hard in order to survive and have a “good life”.

So I left . I left the stupid international secretary school I was studying in. I left home. I left my country and most of all I left society. I ended up in Israel in a kibbutz and discovered the peace nature gives. Which was just what I needed.
But I needed more. I felt so disillusioned after my fathers life seemed so shortened for nothing, that it was impossible for me to still want to try to fit into this society.

In the meantime, my anger at my dad had been raged out on my long walks along the beach shorefront. My ranting and ravings at my dad for being such an idiot to have worked so hard, just to then have to leave us so bloody early. “Why did you not just do what you wanted to do instead of all this stupid working?” I would scream at him. Of-course only to conclude that he had learned to do this from his parents and that he needed to financially take care of his wife and children.

Which was not the same for me! Because of him! Because of him having done all this work, I now could do what I wanted. When I was Eighteen I received the money my dad had left for me. My mother said I should buy a house for it. But I knew better. A house would be somewhere in this society and I wanted to find who I really was other than the by-product of this society.

But how and where?

So I kept working and kept quitting. Till one day I came home after having worked abroad and suddenly all my friends, my fellow rebels against society, had started doing this thing called “meditation”. Which on top of it, had to be done in the nude. It took me a while of being pissed off at that, but somehow I ended up going anyway and that is where I found what I had been looking for.
In that first meditation, I knew; “this is what I want and this is what I want every moment of my life”.

Now here is where the difference between how my dad lived and how I lived, became clear...I was young and unattached, had one mother in despair and one father in heaven and a lot of money in the bank.

So I could go and find that person who had put this meditation together, in that land where since centuries everyone meditated daily. So I could learn more about meditation and about being what I sensed, “I really was”.

And so I left for India and spent many years in a spiritual community, an ashram, around a living master who taught meditation and many other spiritual skills. This is where I learned much of what I know.

Even-though it actually felt more that I “remembered” everything I already knew somewhere deep inside of me, but which I had forgotten because of the indoctrination I had gone through in the family and the society in which I was born.
The more I was throwing the shackles of indoctrination away from me, the more I discovered all these gifts and inner knowing that were just there.

Obviously , the same happened for my grand dad, who was forced to be an outsider of society and through that found (again) all those hidden gifts inside of himself.

If we had a society in which people lived more natural, everyone would remember these gifts all through their lives. But we live unnatural and so we forget what is natural.

The biggest gift I found was being able to relate to my dead dad continuously. In my expanded state I was able to communicate with him and to continue our relating but obviously on a very different level. A level he needed to be out-of-the-body for in order to be there. It was so very very sweet to hear him saying again and again, how he was so proud of me, that I was busy with all these spiritual things, about which he had no clue that any of this was existing when he was alive!

He gave me the gift of needing to look for something else other than working hard and making lots of money and then to die. And he gave me the gift to be able to afford to look for that “something else”. And he gave me the gift to still be my dad even-though he was in the other sphere now.

Through my love for my dad I learned being able to communicate with the higher realms. From my spiritual master I learned how to relax to such an extend that it became possible to be in that expanded space. That needs love and trust. I loved my dad and I trusted my master.

After my master died I knew that with his support all around me, now that he was not limited to a physical body anymore, but instead part of the whole universe again, I could live everywhere, even in the western society. I still choose a very peaceful society and choose to do all the things I had learned In India, but never the less I was living in the west again and even making money and paying tax, like a normal person!

This was the time that I took an other step in the ever ongoing inner growth process. I was participating in an amazing inner growth process, in which the leader at some stage mentioned the word “God”. This set off such an avalanche of outrage coming out of me, of which I had been completely oblivious. I had been so pissed off at my dad for dying, at my mum for breaking down, at society for causing all of this, but some how not at God.

Until my father died I was very strongly believing in God. In fact even though my father died suddenly, still the night before, I had a vision of God sitting on his throne in heaven with his two angels on either side who held something in their hands and I knew it was my fathers time. The next morning I did not want to know about it and we did as “ normal” (so called) till we heard my mum shout “he is dead, he is dead”. From then on I deleted God from of my life. I was beyond pissed off at him.

Now , after all the inner work I had done for the past twenty years or so, I suddenly could not hold back my anger at God. With the result that after I had completely wasted every bit of energy I had in my body and was laying collapsed on the floor, I suddenly felt surrounded by the love and grace of God once again.

That same God I had so loved and trusted so much when I was a child, who I now again loved with the same reverence. Because now I could see and understand that my dad had to die and that I was communicating with him. My dad keeps telling me, that I should not mention this to my mum. That she would not understand this.

The point of this story being: everyone is psychic and everyone is intuitive.
You just have to be lucky enough to be reminded that you are not those shackles of believes and limitations that society has put around you so lovingly, giving you a sense of belonging to the illusion of what a human being is and wants.
Sometimes you remember who you are just like that, by yourself.

But often it needs something “unpleasant” event to occur, to put you on the right path to remember. And once you see all that what you are not, the time comes, that you remember what you are. And what you are is always in the “here and now”, so you have to remember it again and again.

That way you cannot gain knowledge, but instead you will have intuition, which tells you every moment what you need to know in that particular moment.
That is what I am teaching people.

And I know that if you want to find who you are, you will, but it takes love for the truth and trust, which are the qualities of the heart and of the throat chakra.
So in my group I guide people through the experiences of the different chakras. Chakras are meta physical energy centers that lay hidden in our bodies and that we live our lives from. Many people live their lives from the first three chakras, which concerned with sex, family and success in society.

In the next one, the fourth, the heart chakra one finds the truth and the love for the truth.

But who wants to know about that?

Well if you do.....your inner journey has started
I would be delighted to guide you along for a bit and to share some insights I have received. But as the word already says: “in-sight”........all I will teach you how to

This is where you will find the teaching that comes from within, also called “in-tuition.”

Love Rago

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